About Us


Roof Guard Roofing and Restoration is a full service insurance restoration specialist helping property owners restore and improve their homes to original condition. Every member of our team is hand selected to promote a SEAMLESS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE from start to finish. We will work with your insurance company to maximize your insurance settlement and provide a full roof system replacement. In most cases, the only money out-of-pocket is your insurance deductible.

How Our Process Works

Hail is difficult to see and must be inspected by a trained professional. Hail and wind can cause severe shingle pitting and damage to your roof leading to unknown leaks and water damage inside your home. LET US HELP!! We will work with your insurance company and restore your home to its original condition.

Step 1 - Call Roof Guard For A Free Inspection

Your Roof Guard specialist will complete a property inspection and document the damage to your home.

Step 2 - File Your Claim

If damage is found, we will contact your insurance company, file a storm damage report and provide them with the storm date and extent of damage.

Step 3 - Insurance Adjustment

Once a claim has been filed, your Roof Guard specialist will arrange a time to meet with your insurance adjuster on site to conduct a damage assessment. We will ensure all damage is included in the claim and begin the financial settlement process.

Step 4 - Scheduling Your Installation

When your claim is approved, the insurance company will provide a settlement statement and initial payment. Your Roof Guard specialist will meet with you to review the scope of work, select your materials and assist in color selection. Once you are fully comfortable with your selections, we will schedule your project for completion.

Step 5 - Construction

Our professional crews will restore your property back to its original condition.

Step 6 - Project Completion

When your project is complete, Roof Guard will perform a final inspection to ensure the job was done to your satisfaction. We will then invoice your insurance company for remaining payment.